attainment of anything desired, realisation…

These paintings collect routine experience. With my painting temperament, I need to use the paint to discover the image. Day upon day, layer upon layer.  A coalescing into each painting’s identity.

enjoyment, as of something attained or realised…

Painting is a matter of relationships; everything is related. Colours are apparent in relation to other colours like a conversation, the green needs to talk to the brown to transform the blue and so on. Shapes and textures reappear as reinventing new identities in different works.

state of bearing fruit…

The more energy put into painting the quieter it becomes through processes that are full of paradox. Building up, working over, additions, erasure, revealing, concealing; energy spent searching for a state of stillness. It is finding the balance that seems to take forever.

On exhibit from June 7 – 18 2017
Opening 6-8pm Thursday June 8 2017

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